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“We cannot escape fashion, and we cannot do without architecture. We tailor to both. We all wear fashion and everyone needs architecture as a place to work or to live in. Fashion, architecture and design stay with us throughout our lives. They express an awareness of life, they are part of our culture and also play an important role as an economic factor.  …  The subtle relationship between people, space, time and fashion depicted by Regina Relang is also a characteristic feature of the series of fashion shots by Cologne-based architect and photographer Anja Schlamann. She takes a very personal and individual approach, very different to that of overly groomed and hyper-aesthetic advertising and fashion photography. In the series “Sie” – or “She” – produced over a period of three years, Anja Schlamann depicts fashion in unusual and spectacular spaces that are otherwise seldom seen. Here she blurs the borders between art, fashion and architectural photography. The series “Sie” shows Anja Schlamann at locations she has chosen herself.

Whether architecture, fashion or photography, in her compositions Anja Schlamann attaches equal importance to every designed form. The beauty of architecture, also unused architecture, and rooms left without purpose are turned into a stage for fashion. A fashion style that wants to forget about tight waistlines, one that is natural and suitable for everyday wear, and in a language that is quiet and reserved. A trend that is also catching on in contemporary architecture and in the field of design.”  Dr. Ute Maasberg
the whole article you can find here: www.goethe.de


lagerstätte hochwasserschutz

lagerstätte hochwasserschutz köln trint keuder




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