“shop counters are offerings: if it is on the counter, it is on display and for sale. where climatically possible, the shop counter marks the boundary between inside and out. inside stands the shopkeeper, buyers stand outside, the goods are between them. as an ensemble shop counters are an architectural theme that is as ancient as it is fascinating – and when they are collected so compellingly throughout the world as they are by anja schlamann, they are what’s more a seductive offering made to the eye. the work shows shop counters from damascus, the oldest city in the world, from morocco and from cuba, the last stronghold of communist shadow economy. here, the presentations of spices and delicacies carefully calculated for centuries, there, the spontaneously deposited staple foods and spare parts: the counters bear the responsibility for daily survival and cultural added value alike. and behind the counter stand shopkeepers who see themselves in the picture, for anja schlamann draws their attention to themselves, quite deliberately: once more photography proves to be a machine generating symbols and myths, thanks be to anja schlamann.”

EXHIBITION:  vhs phtotgalerie, stuttgart
rothebühlplatz 28, 70173 stuttgart

vernissage: 11.10.2017, 12.10.- 26.11.2017


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