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Amazon-Jungle, Day 34

I can admit to being a little nervous, as I’ve never driven deep into the jungle before. More than 30 years ago in Brazil, but that was more on the periphery.
After a 1.5 hour car ride, we boarded a narrow speedboat to first cruise across the Amazon, which wasn’t that wide today where we went, maybe twice as wide as the Rhine, so about 1 km. When the water rises, it can be up to 8 km wide here, in Brazil even 35 km, as our guide told us. After about half an hour, we turned off into a narrow canal, which sometimes became wider, then narrower again. A great ride in an open boat at around 55 km/h.
And then we arrived at the lodge, beautiful, idyllic, great architecture and the sounds of the jungle, which increased as dusk approached. I imagined I could hear wild boar, but it was birds. After the briefing and lunch, we had a siesta, which I enjoyed in the hammock, fantastic! In the sun and suddenly heavy rain, rainforest. Piranha fishing was also fun, one of the four fish we will be eating tonight came from my fishing rod.
The night hike through the jungle was also very special, on the one hand very noisy, and on the other hand we saw huge frogs and tarantulas.


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