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Amazon-Jungle, Day 36

Today we got straight back on the boat after breakfast and saw some birds, such as toucans, as well as sloths and other animals. As English is spoken here, I’ll have to look up their names on the internet later. Our guide Moises has an unbelievable sense and vision for the animals, and at the fastest speed on the boat he spots them sitting on branches far away, almost only visible to us with binoculars.

In the end, we went to the Amazon today to see pink and gray dolphins, which regularly jumped out of the water. And that’s what we did: we took a courageous leap into the Amazon, wonderful! Into brown water, there was nothing to see below us, the water was soft and naturally warm. It was a lot of fun, then we went back on the boat at speed, driving through this dense nature is also breathtaking!
In the afternoon we went on a two-hour walk, where we saw the smallest monkeys in the world and the largest in the Amazon, as well as lots of leave-cutter ants on their paths, the anaconda was nowhere to be seen …. My favorite part was when we went cross-country, off the trail, when it got even thicker and the guide had to clear a path for us.
The evening was a quiet evening of reading without any further impressions.
It’s very good for me to once again take the position of the participants in order to find out what I like about the organization of guided tours. This allows me to reflect on my own seminars and possibly improve them. What I personally find beneficial here after my exhausting trip is that I don’t have to worry about anything, I can even stop thinking, as the guides here always give us good instructions and let us know what we have to think about right before the tours. In the jungle, these are: water, long clothing/it doesn’t matter, rubber boots, mosquito repellent, sun hat and rain gear.


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