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Chacaclayo, Day 40

It is a wonderful gift to be able to spend the last day of my trip through Peru and Bolivia in Chacaclayo, on the outskirts of Lima. Every time I look over the numerous plants, I see the magnificent mountains and so my journey comes full circle here. I can now see the mountains where I have spent so many weeks from afar. Their immense size and height become particularly clear from this perspective from below. The surrounding mountains are around 2,000 meters high.
Before breakfast, I went shopping with Manuel at the market, another wonderful “last time” in this “small” (30,000 people) suburb. The people are so friendly, they laugh a lot, joke and have fun. I will probably sorely miss the variety of fruit (and especially the quality), as well as the weather, which is pleasantly temperate here on the edge of the Pacific.

The house of the two men is a paradise! They have been gradually building it up for around 30 years, starting with a house built as a country house by Swiss architect Teodoro Cron, redesigning the garden and then extending the property, including the next house. Everything radiates a great sense of tranquillity, I actually don’t want to leave this spot …
Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to returning. Tonight is the start,
on Sunday afternoon I will reach Schiphol, the place where it all started almost 6 weeks ago ….


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