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Cusco, Day 8

Today’s post gives an inside view into a photographic life:
This morning I got up at 6:00 a.m. like every morning, because today I was finally going to get started: working with the “real” camera! Large format, with the cloth over my head, precise, slow and analog. On my walk yesterday, I talked to a woman at a stand, asked her if she would be there every day, “claro, todos los dias!” (sure, every day!), the next few days are public holidays, when I asked if she would be there then too, “claro, todos los dias!”
This morning I took a cab (too much luggage, I couldn’t pull my suitcase over these bumpy roads) to see her, who wasn’t there … Her. Of course I don’t know why. Another day then …
On the way back, the cab driver offered to keep an eye out in the morning to see if she would be there in the next few days, then he would write a whats app (everything here runs via whats app) and we would then start straight away for another attempt.
After a long breakfast with fresh fruit, avocado, egg and, of course, fresh juice, I set off again in the afternoon and voilá: the first photos were taken. These are always the most difficult, as I have to get used to everything, the situation, the people and my camera again. Excerpts from the life of a photographer can be seen here:


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