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Cusco, Day 9

On this day, culture was once again on the agenda: in Sacsayhuaman.
First of all: how are you supposed to remember this word? A Quechua word that, like almost all the others, I can’t remember and sometimes even find difficult to pronounce …. Sacsayhuaman, plus the fact that they are sometimes spelled differently … but … sometimes there are mnemonic bridges that help with memorization, such as for Sacsayhuaman: sexy woman! As soon as these words are used in the hotel, everyone laughs together, so it’s also a fun mnemonic!
Sacsayhuaman is an Inca temple site, built around 1450, in just 75 years, with numerous slaves, 20,000 are said to have been involved, there was a “high priest” and 19 others who lived on this mountain, facing the sun, the moon and the stars. On the mountain, above Cusco, with a 360 degree view. Stones were quarried right there, rolled down and fitted together precisely. The individual large stones were each held at an angle with two wooden sticks, the stone was worked in this position until it fitted, then the supports were probably slowly lowered and the stone was brought into position. All with a skill that is hard to believe.
By the way … Please pay attention to the shadows of the tourists, the sun comes vertically from above!


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