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Iquitos, Day 31

What a great body I have! I’ve had diarrhea for about 3 days, thank God without pain, but annoying, of course. But …. As soon as I have the camera in my hand, it stops until I’m back at the hotel and then … well. This makes me think of an assumption made by a friend ( Klemens, warmly! 😊 ) who, in our conversation about back pain in photographers, suggested that not everyone who takes photos gets back pain, but that everyone who has back pain starts taking photos. Interesting theory, I think. In any case, I now have the theory that diarrhea doesn’t like cameras. I think this theory should also be investigated. So first of all in a self-test. If this develops into a dissertation, please mention my name in the masthead of the waste paper … (isn’t that what it’s called?)
Well, I’m not drunk … But it’s possible that some cells are dying in the wrong place in this heat. Just now after the pool I wanted to get rid of the chlorine in the shower, but I couldn’t because the water coming out of the cold water tap was almost boiling … There are some really interesting problems here.

But now let’s talk about today, the three of us were out shooting again: Rosa, my companion, Temis, the motorcar (si, spelled the same way …) driver and me. We found and created some great situations. There were barbershops on our way that I wanted to photograph. There was a little boy at one of them, but nobody at the other two. As Rosa and Temis were in the mood for a new cut, they immediately became models, which was great fun!
In the photos:
The two freshly coiffed with their hairdresser.
And of course a bus sometimes breaks down ….


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