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La Paz, Day 22

Photography, large format, with Polaroid and film ….
It was a successful day, exhausting, but with happy results. Damián and I sometimes needed a lot of persuasion, about a quarter of the people still didn’t want to be photographed. But we found lots of other great subjects and people. Even at the witches’ market, it wasn’t a problem to manage the photography of the people, the whole thing: I often stood in the street, dozens of cars rushed past me with little understanding, one after the other, bumper to bumper, at some point Damián stopped the traffic, honking in protest of course, but then some people didn’t want to wait, they wanted to pass …
Nevertheless, everything worked out, and after six hours at altitude I’m completely exhausted but happy.
I’ve just had a little chat with Miss Bolivia 1970, as she and her son own the hotel where I’m staying 😀


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