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Lima, Day 39

Lima after all … So far it was only a transfer point at the airport, but since I was invited by Angie H. (warm greetings!!!!) from Carlos Cueva Gallo to visit him both in Lima and in his country house in Chacaclyo, my stop was a little longer. We exchanged many stories from our cultural lives, mentally traveling around the world and sharing each other’s experiences. Wonderful! It quickly becomes clear that these two days are not enough … they are a start.
His apartment is within sight of the Pacific, after the most wonderful avocado and chilli ice cream we stroll to the Cevice restaurant and then through the two districts of Miraflores and Barranco. Lima is a very lively city with many, many cafés, bars and restaurants, as previously written, with three of the best in the world in the top 30. The ceviche was also excellent!

It doesn’t rain in Lima. In the last 15 years it has not rained 3 cm, unimaginable. Nevertheless, there are many green areas, parks that are naturally irrigated.
I would love to spend more time here, but next time I will,
In the evening we sneak 32 km in 2 hours to Chacaclayo to their country house, where I meet Manuel, Carlos’ husband, who is also very likeable, well-educated and speaks very good German. Their house is a dream that only really becomes recognizable the next morning.


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