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Nauta, Day 32

Nauta is the second city in the jungle after Iquitos, and until 20 years ago it was only accessible by boat. About two decades ago, the two towns were connected by a road, the approx. 100 km can be traveled by car in about 1.5 hours, in our cab this morning with loud music by the Bee Gees, some passengers sang along with gusto.
Nauta is even further into the jungle, it is even warmer and more humid there, a challenge.

Here I was looking for situations by the water, we went to various places by moto-taxi, even an alligator farm was on offer, but nothing there fitted into my series. We returned to Iquitos with a few successful shots and I went straight to the hotel. Jumping into the pool is a great relief after a day’s work. The hotel is really lovely! Casa Morey is a historic building and a national monument dating back to 1913.


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