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Sacket Valley, Day 6 – Photos

A great day with many, many impressions,
Chinchero: the mayors of the province meet at the Inca site for the weekly blessing. In the 15th century, this was the summer residence of the Incas.

A large market is held every Sunday below the Incas site.
Here there was an answer to the question of what is done with the heads of the animals sold at the markets: Soup cooked!
Unfortunately, it must also be pointed out at this point that an airport is being built on the edge of the Inca site, right in the middle of the nature reserve and in the immediate vicinity of the cultural site. This airport is to replace the one in Cusco, which is in the middle of the city. There are people who hope that the airport will be internationally connected.

Our journey to the cities was breathtaking. The altitude difference in the first photo is around 500 meters, which we then drove down into the green Urubamba Valley, into the Sacred Valley and on to San Salvador. A lot of maize is grown in the Sacred Valley. In Peru, there are many, many varieties of maize as well as an insane number of potato varieties. Prepared in different ways, they can be found in almost every meal, sometimes prepared in two different ways in one course.

Yes, and then something very special: cars are blessed on the outskirts of San Salvador. The town has a population of around 1500 people, but the church and consecration site, which is much higher up, is well known. It seems as if everyone has their car blessed here, of course the one we drove was also blessed and the image of Señor de Huanca drove with us. “Señor de Huanca”, as the place is called, is a pilgrimage site considered to be miraculous, and there are said to have been three apparitions of Christ.
San Salvador and the shrine are located on the “Pachatusán” mountain (4,860 m), which means “the one who supports the world” in Quechua.
At the bottom are my two super-friendly companions: Roberto, my guide, and Vicente, the cab driver.


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