from: syria, cuba, marocco, spain,
sri lanka, sansibar
BelowBridges was her last successful series, now Anja Schlamann shows us something new:
From Cuba to Sri Lanka, from Zanzibar to Morocco. Everywhere in the world goods are sold. Since antiquity, merchants have proudly advertised their goods, sellers have arranged their displays and merchants have been waiting for their customers. In her studio at the Kunsthaus Rhenania, Anja Schlamann takes us on a journey across the globe. She shows us numerous counters and their owners. With always the same picture composition, photographed frontally, the artist develops a typology of the counter in the sense of conceptual art. Her extensive series is “a seductive offer to the eye” (Prof. Dr. Rolf Sachsse). Four continents, six countries, 60 photographs, one motif: Same same, but different…
Bernadette Jansen

edition: 7+2 ap
size: 56 x 71 cm

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