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Cusco, Day 2

Unbelievable, yesterday morning in Amsterdam, yesterday evening in Cusco, the flight was entertaining, every change went smoothly. I was very lucky that my hand luggage was not weighed at either airport. In Schiphol, I stood in a queue to check in my luggage, and I could see how every piece of hand luggage had been weighed by those in front of me. I would have had problems with mine, because it weighed 15 kg instead of 10 kg, plus the small piece of hand luggage … Standing in the queue, a KLM woman came up to me and told me to go over there, a new counter would be opened and this woman didn’t weigh the hand luggage – very good!

After 20 hours of traveling, I arrived in Cusco. I had expected to immediately feel that the air was thinner, but that wasn’t the case. The cab driver took me on a short tour of the city to transport other tourists, so I was able to get a first impression of the “nightlife” at 8pm and the atmosphere. A super friendly hotel owner, who had lived in Germany for many years and spoke very good German, was waiting for me at the hotel, where I had a coca tea and then a hot-water bottle-warmed bed.

During the night and again this morning, I had a headache so bad that I felt nauseous. Thank goodness 3 minutes of oxygen resuscitation helped, as did the breakfast of fresh mango, papaya and banana.
The breakfast place was the one I had seen many times when looking at the hotel’s website, sitting here this morning was a bit disconcerting, the change from the picture on the screen to “now in real life” I could clearly visualize several times.



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